Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kivimetsän Druidi - The New Chapter (Demo)

Kivimetsän Druidi
Album: The New Chapter (Demo)
Year: 2007
Genre: Symphonic/Folk Metal
Archive: 24,2 MB
Mp3: 320 kbps


1. The Tyrant [05:55]
2. Burden [04:38]
3. Kristallivuoren Maa [04:08]


-On this demo drums and basses are played by Ville Ryöti, addtional keyboards by
Lukas Pearsall.

-Recording, mixing and mastering by Esa Orjatsalo at Noisecamp Studios in
February 2007.

-Artwork by Massikka
Layout by Lukas Pearsall.

-'Kristallivuoren Maa' is a re-recording of a track with the same name
originally from the 2004 'Taival' demo tape. Therefore this newer version has
'(2007)' added to the title. The version 'Taival' is a remake itsself from an
instrumental song with the same name from the 2002 'Kristallivuoren Maa' demo.